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Les pièces de bijoux les plus insolites jamais.

We've compiled a listing of some of the most unusual jewellery pieces and fashions currently doing the rounds today.  Unusual honestly isn't a powerful enough word to really describe some of these pieces...  You'll see why.  The worst part is that in many cases these aren't merely unique macabre pieces, but actual jewellery trends!

The Most Unusual Jewellery

Now there are some things in life that are just strange… Trump being president of the United States for example, or ginger haired people being allowed to vote even though (according to South Park anyway) the clearly have no souls…

But few things in life can apparently get any stranger than jewellery sometimes can. 

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Human Hair Necklaces

You know when you take a shower, the way that the hair always sticks to the side of the bathtub or the wall? Well did you ever look at that and think to yourself “my god, I need to look like that today”?

No, strangely enough neither did we. But apparently you absolutely can if you want to thanks to artist Kerry Howley.

Yeah we know that sometimes the whole dishevelled look can be awesome, and so can the whole “my hair's messed up 'cause I just had sex” look. Well now you can literally drape "dishevelled" around your neck and then some, with these utterly strange human hair necklaces.

We're honestly not too sure what to think about these really. Definitely interesting though.

No doubt about that.

Human Hair Necklace
Human Hair Necklace




Ice Jewellery

Ok this one fits into the “unusual” category. Not creepy or disgusting or anything, just quite frankly a bit strange and somewhat pointless.

A Woman named Katharina Ludwig decided that it was a good idea to make jewellery out of ice. Why? Nobody knows (well somebody probably does) but we can't help but ask the question “why?”.

They're going to melt, they have to unless you want to stand inside a walk-in freezer all night. And they're going to melt into your clothes at that, so you're going to be soaking wet half an hour after putting them on.

We don't quite get it.

Ice Necklace

Ice Necklace


Taxidermy (dead rats ffs) Jewellery

Umm….well now.

Okay so, how shall we start describing this one then.

So apparently the idea of placing corpses of animals (we can only hope it doesn't go past animals can't we?) in small glass jars and then using them as pendant necklaces became a thing.

Also a part of this wonderful style of accessories is the trend of embalming body parts of various animals and setting them into various jewellery pieces… Fancy having your pet dog's jaws set into a necklace pendant and hung around your neck? No? What about your pet ferret's feet made into earrings? What about the same earrings without the fur just so they'll be even more horrif- entrancing?

We're not really sure how the hell this became a thing but well… To each their own.

Taxidermy Jewellery Dead Rat Necklace
Taxidermy Jewellery Dead Rat Necklace

Taxidermy Dead Parrot Necklace


Human Teeth Jewellery

An Australian jewellery artist called Polly van der Glas seems to have come to the conclusion that nature is somewhat better than nurture, and has eschewed the use of manually formed and hand cut gems, and instead decided that her jewellery should be inset instead with human teeth of all things.

In so doing, she's created a range of beauti- er, interesting rings with a decidedly unusual style.

We're not exactly sure which occasion would call for wearing such things, but you can't deny that there's almost no chance you wouldn't be noticed by everyone if you were seen wearing any of these almost serial killer-esque pieces.

Human Teeth Jewellery Rings
Human Teeth Jewellery Earrings


Chopped up Barbie Dolls

Now let's be frank. Dolls (thanks to the ever present capacity of Hollywood to constantly ruin anything nice in the name of horror) can be really goddamn scary sometimes. It's not helped that some of the old doll makers decided to put eerie, sombre looks on many of their faces, and it's certainly not helped by watching Child's Play when you're six years old because your older sister thought it'd be funny to see you cry. It's just a fact, many people are slightly unnerved by dolls.

What we can't quite work out though is whether or not it's more or less unnerving, to have jewellery made up of the various body parts of carved up Barbie Dolls. We also can't quite work out whether or not it's creepier to have a necklace made of Barbies' hands, or a chunk of her face, or just her eyes staring lifelessly back at you in the mirror (and totally looking for the best place to stick the knife we bet, that is if she still had her hands anyway).

We'll let you make up your own minds.

Chopped Up Barbie Doll Bracelet
Chopped Up Barbie Doll Bracelet


Roadkill Jewellery

Ok so it's not like people haven't worn the pelts of animals that they killed throughout human history. And we all know about the stereotypical image of the barbarian with the wolf headgear etc… But apparently there's someone called April Hale that makes jewellery specifically out of roadkill.

She takes the dead crushed bodies of animals hit by cars and trucks and turns their limbs, tails and bones and turns them into strange yet fascinating pieces of jewellery such as chokers and bracelets. And to think we all just drive past when we see a dead cat at the side of the freeway…

Roadkill Jewellery Skull Necklace
Roadkill Jewellery Bone Necklace

Roadkill Jewellery Guinea Pig Comb


Jewellery Made From Breast Milk

Riiiiiiight… At least the end result of this weird craze is actually quite aesthetically pleasing, which is a surprise considering what it is. When we heard about this we were picturing something waaaaay worse than what we eventually saw. Luckily for us (and you).

Breast Milk Pendant

Breast Milk Ring


Gallstone Jewellery

Sigh… Why use gallstones when you could use literally any other kind of stone or bead?

Aucune idée.

But, for all that, credit where credit's due. They're well made and look good. They look a damn sight better than they really should considering what they're made of, but kudos because we actually like 'em.

Well, some of them at least, others are just...ick, like this ring.

Gallstone Jewellery Earrings

Gallstone Jewellery Ring


Contact Lens Jewellery

Now these are creepy for an altogether different reason than the majority of this list. Rather than being macabre or just downright disgusting, these actually manage to be just an interesting idea that inadvertently creeps people the hell out. The reason is that, although they're completely safe and don't require any massive amount of self harm to install (they're not even piercings or even close thank god), the effect that they give is that you've gone and literally sewn the jewellery into your eyeball!

You can all thank a Dutch guy called Eric Klarenbeek for this rather strange little fad.

At least nobody here's actually cutting into their eyes...

Contact Lens Jewellery

Contact Lens Jewellery

Eye Implantation Surgery Jewellery

Oh but somebody just had to didn't they… Yeah that's right you read that title correctly… Eye surgery. Eye surgery so that you can wear jewellery inside your eyeballs. We don't have much to say about this other than “WHY!?”

We feel the need to warn you here. We've included a video in this section as we think it's really necessary to actually see what a person would have to go through in order to actually get something like this done.

Don't watch it if you're squeamish, or even just normal, okay?

Eye Implantation Jewellery Heart



And That's That

We figured that we could continue on to worse stuff than this but honestly, we don't actually want to keep on looking...not after that eye.

If you've found any other interesting pieces of jewellery, link them in the comments so we can all see.

Fais de beaux rêves!



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